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Pouring Sand


"We don't just draw you a roadmap, we take the journey with you." 


We do FOUR things and we do them better than anyone else.

Fundraising ★ Crisis Management ★ Organizational Development ★ Executive Coaching




We Teach You What Others Want to Keep Secret

GEMtrainers, LLC is a leading force in social justice nonprofit consultancy, blending fundraising expertise and strategic communication for success. Our dynamic team crafts bespoke strategies to amplify your nonprofit's impact, from donor engagement to storytelling. We transcend boundaries to elevate your fundraising and communication. Trust us to cultivate lasting relationships, resonate with your audience, and propel your nonprofit into philanthropic success through a harmonious blend of financial triumph and compelling narratives.

In short, we partner with you to kick ass and take names.


Are You in Trouble? We Can Help.

Our expert team specializes in navigating uncertainty, offering a lifeline to distressed non-profits. With a rapid-response mindset, we deploy tailored solutions to stabilize, protect, and fortify nonprofits in crisis. We seamlessly integrate strategic planning, donor engagement, and crisis management to ensure your nonprofit thrives amid adversity. Trust us to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Whether you need immediate surge support, or an enduring advisory relationship, GEMtrainers can help you prepare for, endure and recover from a crisis.  

  • Customized crisis communications plans

  • Crisis response management

  • Statement preparation

  • Issues forecasting and preparation

  • Media training and appearance preparation



We Help Sculpt Organizational Excellence

At GEMtrainers, LLC, we architect nonprofit success, serving as your compass for transformative organizational development. From strategic planning to streamlined operations, we engineer bespoke solutions that empower nonprofits. We offer comprehensive social media marketing strategy, content creation, and account management tailored specifically for non-profits. We're more than consultants; we're partners in your evolution, crafting dynamic frameworks for resilience and scalability. With a proven track record, we propel nonprofits toward a future where their vision becomes reality. Trust us to elevate your mission from aspiration to achievement.


Leadership Is a Lonely Place...or Is It?

GEMtrainers, LLC pioneers transformative journeys for nonprofit leaders through unrivaled executive coaching expertise. Committed to cultivating visionary leadership, our seasoned coaches provide personalized guidance transcending conventional boundaries. As catalysts for leadership excellence, we tailor bespoke coaching programs, honing skills and fostering resilience. Empowering leaders to navigate complexities with confidence, we redefine leadership paradigms, helping non-profit trailblazers unleash their full potential. Elevate your leadership with GEMtrainers, LLC – where transformative coaching meets unparalleled results.


Get in Touch

Established in 2019, GEMtrainers, LLC is a national social justice non profit consultancy that uses a fractional time model to assist with fundraising, organizational development, crisis management, and executive coaching. We believe that "people closest to the problem are closest to the solution," which has led to a diverse, experienced, and inclusive team that mirrors our values. Simply put, our team becomes your team.

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